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Recent Sales for Indian Artifact

Authentic Indian Artifact, Huge 10" 3/4 Groove Archaic Axe W/dual Coas!!!!!!SOLDHerrick, IL
Killer Mustache Simpson Coa Color Indian Artifacts Arrowhead Florida G-10SOLDLeesburg, OH
Rare Fine Authentic Ohio Banded Slate Crescent Pendant Indian ArtifactsSOLDLexington, KY
Fine Hardstone Spud Illinois Jackson Coa Indian Artifacts SOLDLeesburg, OH
Holland Dalton Franklin Co Mo Indian Arrowhead Artifact Leesman Coll W/ Coa*SOLDImperial, MO
Hornstone Cumberland Native American Indian Arrowhead Artifact. Lot 57SOLDIndianapolis, IN
Collector Grade Fluted Clovis Arrowhead - Authentic Paleo Indian Artifact - CoaSOLDSardis, TN
Fine Quartz Saddle Kentucky Jackson Coa Indian Artifacts Bannerstone SOLDLeesburg, OH
Fine Quartz Hourglass Indiana Jackson Coa Indian Crib Mound Bannerstone SOLDLeesburg, OH
Antique Inuit Eskimo Artifact, Bucket HandleSOLDIsrael
Lot Of 52 Antique Native American Indian Arrowheads & Tools. Authentic Tx & La&?SOLDMineral Wells, TX
Fine Killer Paleo Crowfield Rogers Jackson Coa Indian Artifacts Delaware SOLDLeesburg, OH
Framed Collection Of Thirty-seven Native American Indian Artifacts. Lot 121SOLDIndianapolis, IN
Authentic Collector Grade Ohio Fluted Clovi Point Arrowhead Indian Artifacts CoaSOLDWilmore, KY
Birdstone, Nesting Birdstone, Old Michigan Coll., Indian Stone Effigy CarvingSOLDEaton Rapids, MI
Ohio Indian Artifacts - Fine Authentic Color Flint Ridge Button Base DovetailSOLDZanesville, OH
Beautiful Fluted Clovis -flint Ridge Flint- Authentic Paleo Indian Artifact- CoaSOLDSardis, TN
Horned Hardstone Saddle Illinois Jackson Coa Indian Artifacts Bannerstone SOLDLeesburg, OH
Super Nice Arrowheads Indian ArtifactsSOLDLawrenceville, IL
Decatur Fractured Base Native American Indian Arrowhead Artifact. Lot 20SOLDIndianapolis, IN
Hornstone Clovis Native American Indian Arrowhead Artifact. Lot 54SOLDIndianapolis, IN
Exalent Indian Arrowheads Sandbar/field Finds Native American Clovis CornertangSOLDLawrenceville, IL